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Paternity Testing Process in Texas

The easiest way to establish paternity is through an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. In short, Acknowledgement of Paternity is a legal form signed by the child's mother and father. If the child already has a legally presumed father, he must sign the document as well. The law presumes a man is the child's father if he is married to the mother when the child is born; was married to the mother within 300 days of the child's birth, or he married the child's mother and claimed paternity voluntarily.

You can obtain an Acknowledgement of Paternity form the hospital where your child is born. If you sign the document when the child is born, the hospital will file it with the Texas Vital Statistics Unit. Although it's easiest to sign the form immediately after the child is born, some parents don't understand the need for legal paternity until later. In this situation, you can complete the form at the office of a certified entity. The certified entity will file the form with the Texas Vital Statistics Unit.

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