Shannon L. Boudreaux

Shannon L. Boudreaux


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    When you need an attorney who has genuine care and empathy for your situation, turn to Attorney Shannon L. Boudreaux. She has handled numerous high-conflict family law situations, including complex tensely contested divorces, child custody disputes, court order enforcements, and custody modifications. For more than 13 years, family law has been her strongest focus and sole passion.

    Her passion for advocacy has also led courts to enlist her as an amicus attorney, or a court-appointed investigator who recommends to the judge what is in the best interest of the children.

    Part of what makes Shannon an effective family law attorney is her understanding of her clients' needs—both children and their parents. As a certified mediator, she does everything possible to resolve disputes quickly and amicably and to spare families the pain of protracted litigation.

    Experienced in Unique Family Law Matters

    One unique area of her practice is pet "custody" issues, which is founded on her passion for animal rights. Though the courts view animals as distinct from humans, Shannon understands how families view their pets as loved ones. Thus, she helps spouses arrange custody agreements for their animal family members.

    Honors & Awards

    Throughout her legal career, Shannon built a reputation for excellent and passionate advocacy. She has been named to the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers, as well as the Businesswoman of the Year Award from the Business Advisory Counsel of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    Education & Career

    Shannon earned her legal degree from South Texas College of Law, where she was named to the Dean's List. Prior to this, she earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University and a Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Houston.

    As a divorce attorney, her background in psychology helps her understand the mental and emotional needs of her clients.

    For clients who need a seasoned and understanding family lawyer, Attorney Shannon Boudreaux is ready to provide relentless advocacy and decisive solutions.